It's Official

I was just measured and I'm am officially an L cup!!! This bra is massive. Do you think an L cup is to big??
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22-25, F
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No. But it's what you think that matters.

those sound very big! And I am sure they look oh so pretty!

wow thats very big, I hope your ladies are more a blessing to you then not!

Absolutely not ... perfection

I think if you are comfortable with L cup...then I would say i can continue to think about them and their beauty....., they must be most incredible!! So if you like them...most likely I will indeed love...them..keep us updated!!

are you still an L cup?

hell no! just more to nibble on!!

No I have a FWB that is an M. You are who you are. Be proud. Please don't get them reduced for your sake. It almost always is a regretful tragic outcome. Horror stories abound. I know 3 personally. One woman that was a 32F at 13.

How big is "L"? Trying to imagine :)...seen Dolly Parton upclose but don't think she is an "L"

An L cup is perfect!

Nope. They sound just right ;)

Loving that size-keep on growing))))

No such thing as too big. They look lovely and I wish I could see more. Spread the boob love, and ignore the haters, huge breasts are the best!

I think L qualifies as big. :)

Couldn't even imagine what they would look like, i've seen DDD but I think that was the biggest. That said your photo here is impressive so I think I'll nope, looks good, not too big.

so long as you're happy with what you got, than it's all good.

i don't think they are too big

The Elila bras go up to an N cup as do several styles from Goddess. Many women on EP wear a bra bigger than a L cup.

Hello! I have a huge large breast fetish. To help with my addiction to very large breasts, I made friends with a mature lady. She to me she is 67 yrs. old. I sometimes wonder if she is telling me the truth?? She wears a size 44JJ bra. I now service her 2 and sometimes 3 times a week with breast pleasure, breast worship, and prolonged suckling sessions in her home. Last week she called me, and said she needed more! That was the 4th session in one week. We never have sex, it's just about 3 hours of kissing, licking, and suckling on her enormous breasts. I feel very fortunate, that she allows me to spend as much time as I need to give pleasure to her breasts.

**** thats so sexy


No. I have a friend that I **** who has M cups and hers are still growing. Seems the bigger they get the sluttier and hornier she becomes. She's out of control and no, she's not fat, a little chubby but not bad at all. She works out but makes it 'hard' on the other guys when she

well, they look gorgeous no matter what the cup..

Not when they are natural. I honestly think they are beautiful. Need a closer inspection though to be sure. Lol!

No, I think its just right, but I come from a different perspective I guess. lol Wait til you reach an M. lol

being a 36L myself, ive been wondering the same thing, but i personally think that they are just fine :)

nope, not too big at all :)

Navelfetishboy nailed it.

NOPE! Not as long as they don't become a physical burden with your slight build. Your profile pic is simply breathtaking! Hope it's you and not Alicia Loren!

No do you? It can't be that massive can it?

L is massive, but your chest does define you, you define yourself is big and it is so sexy as well:)))

I think L cups can be very sexy. :)

An cup is beyond my imagination. But even an L cup isn't too big as there don't exist too big breasts !

Congratulations,,, No L is not too big. glad to see that you are still growing

I think the whole "too big" thing is cliche.

Yea they are huge. But bigger is so much sexier.


I wonder how long that bra is gonna last aha :)