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Been thinking about enlargements....don't know if they'd be too much. Should i enlarge??
iwillwaitforyou iwillwaitforyou
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

hi..how big are they?

It's not really a fair question to ask of strangers that don't know your personality and don't know what you look like physically. Two blue parrots in your profile pic don't convey anything about you.

Not at your age, I can't advise it. You should wait at least a few years. You could still end up with more than you have now, and your entire body is still filling out as a woman. You don't say your height, weight, general build and current size, either, so it's impossible to offer a valid opinion, other than my initial comments, in which I strongly believe.

Please don't, I believe you are okay as you are, the problem with alteration is once you start if difficult to stop.