...Hated them, now I love them!

I've had VERY mixed feelings about my ahem 'assets' over the years, myself! XD I remember when I was in middle school I was one of, if not THE first to develop in my class and god how I hated them back then OTL;; I think I was gosh...maybe 9/10 at the time and I got horribly teased by girls and boys because of them and it made my confidence go completely down to zero ;w; I hated them and wished I could be small so I wouldn't stand out (Quite literally! XD) From all the other girls ;^; I went from an A to a B like in a month? XD

Fortunately, when I got to like 13 I stopped being teased and everyone left me to it and I've never had any problems since! I still wasn't ENTIRELY happy with them, but I liked them a lot more than I used to at this point! XD Although I must confess I've always had an attraction to big boobs but I'm straight! XD That probably sounds really strange, but yeah XDD;;;

When I got to 15 though, I had a very special experience with my best friend where they were touched for the first time by anyone else and he's currently now my boyfriend and he's given me complete confidence to love them and be proud of them and I really do love them now! uwu <3 I'm currently now a 34/36 G/GG (I think they're still growing aaa) And for anyone else who has them but doesn't like them, I really am sorry and I can completely understand where you're coming from! ;O; I hope you'll find someone as wonderful as I have who loves them for being a part of you! <3

Mine are like a complete abnormal part of me too! Because I'm like 4ft 12 and I'm tiny yet I have these big **** on me XDDDDD But I love them now X3

Thank you for whoever decides to read this lil experience! I'm so sorry if it bored you! XD This is my first time writing one of these things hehe ^w^;;
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It's been about 6 months since you last logged in, but I hope you'll be back! Since it's been about 20 months since you wrote this story, what growth have you experienced to date? Do you have a size in mind where you would like the growth to stop?

I am surprised no one else noticed, but you put 'I'm 4 ft 12'... 4 ft 12 = 5 ft exactly. LOL

They sound very beautiful!

...good attitude to have !!?

Bored? No way! I was glad to hear that you had an issue and resolved it. I hope you can help other girls do the same. Now that you mention it, I'll go look at your profile. I hope there is a picture. I'll bet you are lovely...

good for you!

This story should be read by all young women with body issues. Time will allow you to mature, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Any negative feelings you have about yourself will change with time. Just grow into yourself positively, as this young woman has.

hi, thanx for your well written story, be proud of your beautiful breasts, . you are a beautiful girl. xx

AWWW Thank you so so so much dear! &lt;3 xxx It means a lot :) xxx

hi, yea i love big breasts, mmm to lick, suck and caress, xx