Yep They Sure Are.

I hate trying to find bra's that fit and don't make my boobs look like they are oblong.
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u should order that... if u dnt find perfect bra of ur size

wow, so just how big are these not really oblong breasts of yours?

please feel free to send some pics at

I go to Cacique to get my bra's.<br />
I'm 16 and a size 38F and my boobs look perfectly normal in their bras. They'll also size you there for free, and if they don't have your size in, they'll order and have it shipped to you for free. :]

Cacique employees where I live are STUPID. They didn't know how to fit me at all. They don't even carry my band/cup size combo. Most of theirs are for plus-size women - not women who have large breasts. I wear a 36F or G and Cacique's band sizes are not that small and their cup sizes aren't that big. Even their panties run large compared to the same size in a regular shop.

This is the best breast product I have found girls<br />
<br />
Dr Howard's Orginal Boob Butter

any chANce u might have your huge mammaries on display here sometime if you are please add me to your circle. if not and u do please send me some photogs to thanks. please dying to see some rdwba ('m willing to share some as well thanks again hun..

My "boobs" are my neighbors and their twin chihuahuas, yappy and cr*ppy!!!?

Not the third breast!<br />

just one more thing I noticed with Chantelle: I take a smaller band size than I do with other brands I've tried (which also makes my cup size go up one)

Cheers Solar, I will give them a go!<br />

haha..I have a hard time finding bras that are supportive, yet don't make it look like I'm wearing some sort of mechanical-breast battle shield (like that one sports bra I had once..ahh that was horrible)<br />
<br />
I've found that I really like Chantelle bras. They look good, and they go up to a DDDD. They're usually like $70, but I buy mine on eBay (no one wears my size so they're so much cheaper!)

Those are the three requirements I have with a bra as well, if I have to put up with these monsters, they might as well look good. <br />

Oblong or pointy ... not my thing. I have been on a lifelong search for the perfect bra - the bra that allows them to be their round full selves while lifting them a bit ... and it can't appear to be a tank undergarment either - I'm NOT 80 yet!

My are very full/round. Try the Felina brand. I don't know what size you are, so I can't make many recommendations.

Ok theres a double E size? i didn't knew that!!! i want bigger boobs!!!

Double E? ha ha ha I passed that size when I was 13! BIG AND PROUD!

Oh dear!! Oblong boob syndrome!!! Makes me glad I don't have breasts. o_O