I Think I'm the Biggest One Here...

Hey, just found this group and wanted to say that "I have Big Boobs"! XD

Anyway, I am 23, 5'3, bout 163 lbs and wear a 34 N bra.

Yes, such a size DOES exist, just not in stores =P I gotta get my stuff custom made, so it's pretty expensive, which sucks =/

But I wouldn't trade my boobs for ANYTHING! It's what makes me unique and awesome! Well, that and my outgoing personality. And that's all for now everyone.

Feel free to leave whatever replies you want, i'll try to answer to the best of my ablity.

madammimi madammimi
22-25, F
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Thank you for that! I had to pick myself up from the floor, after I read your story!

They sound beautiful!

Hallo madammimi,i read one of your story in german,it`s very interisting.My ep messenger doesn`t work.When you want you can come to facebook and than we can chat sometimes.

Best Regards


just noticed this story is a few years old but if ya still check up on it, have they continued growing still?

I am thinking that we need some photographic proof . :)

I'd love to be your friend and tell you how this true-blue titman would love to ******** all over your gargantuan rack and lick 'em clean to worship you as the *** Queen you are...HOT! I just gotta see some topless pics of you, please! Brad

I have a close friend of mine who is sadly shorter smaller and has bigger breasts than you by two sizes shs 4 10 and wears a shocking 38p

where have you been my whole life you are exactly what I have been looking for in a woman confident,unique,have a great outlook on life and last but not least your short and staked. Can only wonder how large you would get if you got pregnant? have a nice day

some pics of you with a shirt on, that would be MARVELLOUS!

As long as your happy with them, that's all that matters. The key is support. I have a friend who is also your size.

I once knew a Russian chick and they were easily more than 2 handfuls on each side. Could not imagine a third arm on me. Thats where the measurements had to end. Handily.

Yeah, but then we would need to devise some new form of hand measurements. ie: how many handfuls for one breast, if your using one or two hands.<br />
We may need a science team and a large pot of coffee, but by golly, we will do it... FOR SCIENCE!!!!

Depends on the bra that i'm wearing XDDD<br />
<br />
I assume you mean how far it sticks out from my chest?<br />
Well, with a bra on, they jut out about... 13~14 inches maybe.<br />
I know it's more then a foot but not by much.<br />
<br />
And without... i'd say about 5~7 give or take. It's 3am and I don't have a ruler by me so... it's a rough estimate.<br />
<br />
But, I hope I answered your question well enough!

It is nice to "see" that you have a healthy view of your breast, most times with an exception here and there, you hear that they are too heavy and the back hurts. OR no one is looking at my face!!<br />
<br />
btw how far out does the N go...?

That is so awesome, madammimi! We are all unique and different and we all should appreciate and embrace our uniqueness. You're a goddess indeed!!! :)

Glad that you love your big breasts. I sure a lot of other people love them too. Especially me.

I am glad that you love them, and you can feel like a goddess, that is awesome.

Yeah, one thing I would like is to be a bit taller, but that's not gonna happen xD

Well, it is uncomfortable of course, your carrying quite a bit of extra weight on your chest. But I do exercise when I can, so it does help. But I wouldn't trade my body for anything in the world, I feel like a goddess XD (even though some people would say otherwise, but forget them)

Being the same age as you I am 2 inches shorter I have big boobs but not that big....... I could not imagine having boobs that big! It sounds like they would be very uncomfortable. Is it ever uncomfortable for you. I am glad you are happy about them though.

so i have never heard of that size before, all I can say is wow. I love the fact that you love them and that you, enjoy them. thank you for posting this.

Yes, I have heard of them. Someone else told me to do that too, lol. But nah, I think i'd only do it if i'm REALLY in a money bind, which i'm a student right now and it isn't a problem XD