Welp I'm 32 F...

I Have a love/hate relationship with my boobs... I love them in shirts... And outfits... but hate them because 98% of the time my clothes dont fit... or I'm showin to much... sometimes I like to be looked in my face not my ****...

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They sound beautiful!

nice story..add me pls:)

Please add me

I would love your tiddies Twisted.

Never said its and ALWAYS thing... just a sometime thing... thats all... I thought I did a good job explaining that...

you did. I think people who read you carefully followed you

I don't think I've ever known a woman who liked her boobs. Women with little ones want big ones. Women with big ones want little ones, Women with firm ones don't care and women with saggy ones don't like them either.<br />
<br />
Aren't there any women out there who actually like and enjoy their boobs?

I have noticed this to be true too. Just for myself, when I was thin I thought my boobs were too small. Now I find them to be way too big. Maybe I should just stop complaining, accept my fate, and have faith in the bigger picture.

Thank you very much ... :D

Whats that going to do?

Then where soem tight fitting shirts...

LOL yea... I know all the little boob ppl always want bigger... go figure huh... I just order some bras today 6 new ones from Fredricks... :D

yep thats the picture i put up... and that picture it ****... look away... but not all my pictures are *** pictures... thanks tho

oh yes I've come up with alot of diff. ideas for women with big boobs... i have many ideas period... but i wouldnt know where to start and who to trust...

sounds like a great business oppurtunity , a gap in the market .

totally not... I never understand why ppl talk about wantin big ones... you got lots of strings attch. and they aint the good ones... bad probables... cant find bras... they get sweaty... lol I could go on and on...

Yea I do mail order... I have Black, Red, Purple, White thats it... its even hard to get prints at lane bryant

i haven't bought a new bra in over 20 years

Yea... I havent gotten a new bra in over a year almost two Im sure so I know they dont fit me right... Im in a relationship and I want to look all cute and hot... and I have Black, tan and white to pick... LOL GRRR

:) Thanks so much... :D

You're fine by me.

Well thats nice... I know I got a GREAT set of ****... but heyy check out my other things 1st PLEASE... lol

Though I must admit that I do believe they would be beautiful to see up close and personal in all their glory(and what straight guy wouldnt feel that way) I tend to notice a womans smile first. such as the current female of whom i am attracted to. her smile is much like yours...intoxicating. and your eyes are pretty to, just like hers. thats the things i tend to notice first. everything else i look at a little later. but i always look a girl in the face when i talk to her. its just polite.

JimmO they make them but one they cost LOST near 100... and they are plain... not cute... and you can never find sets... matchin tops and bottoms...<br />
<br />
See I have it all Looks... Pretty eyes... a nice smile... great rack... and a ***... so I get looks from alll over... lol but still they hurt my back... I already have a bad back now...

I've found that over time beautiful eyes and a pretty smile combined with intelligence and a warm heart is more of a turnon/appeal than a beach bunny body with dead eyes and no morals.But still,if it wiggles then it will catch my eyes and I'll look for a second.LOL

LOL... dang them girls... Always messes it up for the good ones... :D

i tell ya....i try to be a nice guy but nooooooo!! LOL

Yea... I'm sure your here to help... lol... but how the heck would I walk with you all in my way... lol... thanks buy no thanks...

tell ya what for one day i'll walk around with you and hold your boobs in place for you....my hands will be your bra for one day! (i'm here to help)

lol... I gave up... I havent went out and brought a new bra in over a year... they fall out... i'm always grabbin and stuffin back in... a friend has a story about a bra... but I'm not sure how it is on looks... let me know if you'd like to know more...

Sounds pretty annoying but, I too would volunteer to help hold them i for you anytime. lol

I feel you. I'm the same size and I have a horrible time finding bras that fit. Any shopping suggestions?

Yes I have that issue too... but my butt aint that bigg... and yes its 32 F...

wait did your story stay 32F?????<br />

I always notice eyes too Rick. Eyes tell me everything I need to know about a person. When we talk...I make eye contact. I am however boob watcher also. I'm prone to grab one and jiggle it from time to time as well in the middle of a conversation with a girlfriend (when we are alone). :)<br />
<br />
I can relate but from a different point of view. I have the opposite a big butt. I'm also short. I have the hardest time finding pants that aren't too long, too tight. When buying pants...If I make adjustment by increasing the size of the pants; the pants are too long. If I try and wear the correct size I can get them past my hips... Women have the worst of curses.

Interestin... I have pretty eyes... :) TOO :)

i generally tend to notice eyes first. sometimes i don't notice boobs at all as long as they are covered

awww sweet... thats me too... nice to hear good guys are stills out there