Yup, I Do

And I'm not unhappy with them, but not always crazy about the negative attention that they can draw. I was the first to develop in school, which drove someone to spread the rumor that I stuffed my bra. And I've had men unable to look away from my chest and into my eyes (actually, all women in general probably face that one), and have come across people who seem to think that my IQ is the same number as my bra size. One incident that sticks in mind happened when I was in a bookstore. I noticed two women following me around, whispering to each other. I wondered what the heck was up and found out when we walked out of the building at the same time. One said to the other, loudly enough for me to hear: "Think the boobs are real?"  The other said even more loudly, "She probably still has the price tag on them."   There was a time when that probably would have made me want to be swallowed up by the earth, but that day, I couldn't help but laugh. And bless the bra I was wearing.


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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

They sound beautiful!

Just remember that God made you special. do not give a F... about other people who make fun of u. there are many ladies who get implant and then regret them. so tons of kisses for u. and many blessing.

During my struggle with cancer and losing over 100 lbs. I didn't loose one in my chest...My girls still stand tall and proud at 57, with alittle help from my bra. hee hee

I use to have very big boobs,,,but think God I have none now and other than my husbend feeling and missing them,,,lol,,,I don't miss them,,,I had breast cancer twice,,,second time they removed them,,,love and light mary