They're Great For Storage

When I decide I don't feel like heading out with a purse or have any pockets, my boobs make for a great hiding place. Carrying my cigarettes, cell phone and other things quite comfortably :)

awesomechica awesomechica
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

thanks, and it's not a tattoo. i just wrote "Hi" in marker. I'm sure my first tat will have much more significance than that :)

they suit your body size,beautiful and u have a nice neck,nice tat too,what does it mean?

At least I know where your cigarettes are. Very nice post. Ron<br />
lol they can stare all they want because in this pic I have a tiny bottle of perfume, my wallet and my cell phone stuff in there. thank you mother nature for my funbags.