my girls are a 44d. They do not like to be in a bra but I have to wear one to work. Too much bouncing to go without  a bra at work but when I am home  the bra is off. They are all natural not fake. I like the way they look under clothes and I do not care if they bounce around. It does not bother me if they are free or if people are looking. I have had big boobs since I started to develope. I never went into a training bra i had a adult one.

shiane shiane
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

They sound beautiful!

i love the look of large breasts without a bra - regardless of how the hang, in fact i actually love breasts that hang! in clothes - and especially out. i must say its fantastic that you appreciate what you've got! kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iam close to you 44DDD here i too never wore a training bra my first bra was a B my mother is a 44H other sisters are heavy cheasted too it seams to run in my family