What Happens to a Dream Fulfilled...

I have never been one to post goals with time-lines for my life, but I've always wanted to make a noticeably positive and empowering difference in this world and succeed in the endeavors I choose to undertake. Thus far, I've been a big fish in sundry, little ponds- it's not that I feel I haven't accomplished a great deal and been recognized for such, but I know I have the capabilities to become great. It's not that don't think I can "make it" but I need motivation to rally my forces and step up to the next level- my recent divorce and related stressful complications diverted my energies for a little while, and although this has given me more experience upon which to draw for my future ventures, it's hard to build momentum from inertia. So this is the first way I'm professing my big dreams to the world- anonymously is better than not at all, right?! HA!

I want to:
-be a published author.
-be inducted into at least one athletic hall of fame.
-sing jazz with my own band- perform frequently, record some standards and originals and make my unique mark in the music industry.
-fall in love again (this time not with someone who'll have a psychotic break and become an abusive tyrant- right now it's still a big dream!), get married, and have one or two children
-break at least 3 world records in my current sport and win a world championship
-further champion my sport into pro sponsorship so that people can watch our competitions on tv.
-be a syndicated columnist on any one of a number of subjects
-write and direct a play, musical, movie, and/or television program
-visit at least 4 continents
-become the first woman to be the head coach of a men's NCAA or pro sports team (thus far, women have coached men's NCAA teams in combined programs- I'm among them, in case anyone's wondering)
-bring peace and relieve shame among the peoples of the world

So that's a start! Now I need to pay my bills...
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1 Response Jun 4, 2007

Those are some awesome dreams. You have to think big or else you'll wake up one day and wonder where all the time went...