The Ones That Come to Mind...

I want to be a fulltime writer.  I want people to read my stuff, and I want my writing to make people think.  I want to be able to write from anywhere in the world on my laptop -- total independence.  I want to travel and make friends in strange places, then send something to my editor and get a check in my direct deposit.   I want to help bridge differences between different nations.  I want to learn to speak at least 3 languages fluently other than English -- German, Spanish, and French.  I want to promote understanding where I encounter ignorance.  I want to have a spiritual experience at an ancient site of pilgrimage, a place that has touched thousands of seekers across various millennia.  I want to look back on my deathbed and know that I left something meaningful after I pass on. 
Seraph1m Seraph1m
26-30, M
3 Responses Jul 3, 2007

you would be an amazing really would. even on a site like this, i feel like your entries stand out and really speak. you seem to have a way with words. i think you probably reach people more than you imagine. my opinion?? i think you should go for it. maybe you'll find what you're looking for...

Good luck with writing. I'm a writer too, and I also dream of being respected for what I love to do. Maybe someday.

Your ideas seem very magical. And are not impossible to achieve. Have you fulfilled some of them? What about the others? Are you happy with the status of these "dreams"? Will you ever be? Should you?<br />
I have big dreams too. Like saving the world. Left to interpretation of course, but saving the world regardless. I dont know if I would ever be fully happy with my status on this dream.