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I honestly don't like my big eyes. Everyone always complements me on them saying how perfect they are and big. But personally I'm not a fan of my big eyes I really want normal almond shaped eyes. It sucks because i can't really do cute makeup tricks without making my eyes look bigger than they already are. And i hate when a person says woah you look like an anime doll. I juss wanna say shut up I get it! I guess I don't like it because big eyes has its ups and downs and my eyes are really sencitive because of the size. I'm pretty confused why I have big eyes if I'm like a quarter Korean. I mean don't Asians have small eyes?! I don't know i just don't like my eyes I wish they were smaller.
arayray arayray
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Don't say that again big eyes are so beautiful . You should be thankful its a gift and you are still young your face will grow with time and it will fit your eyes i was just like you when i was younger my eyes were so big my face was all eyes but now its very nice lot of people hurt their eyes just to see them bigger so you are blessed with them so be happy all kind of make up and eye liners will be beautiful on you