Big Feet

I've always had bigger feet than normal for my height.When I was in the third grade, I already wore a size 9 in ladies. My mom tried to tell me my feet were going to stop growing, but boy was she wrong!! When I graduated from high school, I stood 5'6, and wore a size 12 (in ladies).
   My brother also has big feet, though his are more proportionate to his height, but his daughter has some big ole feet for being a baby. On her second day of life, her aunt Tracy commented on them, and I looked at my brother, then elbowed him and said "Hey, you don't think she could've gotten them from our side of the family eh?" Everyone else in my family has fairly large feet too. My brother is 6'7, and wears a 16, my dad is 6'0'', and wears a 13, I'm a 12, and my mom is 5'8, and wears and 11. So does my sister, but she's 5'10. Still, we don't exactly have small feet. I tell people "Well, it gives me a better base in which to kick @sses, if need be!"
Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
31-35, F
Sep 8, 2012