Big For a Girl

I have size 8 (uk) feet, I guess it's because I am tall (5'9"). I hate it because in some shops they don't do shoes up to that size and if they do they look like big pasties or granny shoes or something. Hmph.
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Big feet are cool! If your feet were too small you'd fall over!

Try 14/15 US extra wide. Finding shoes is very difficult! I would do anything for size 8 feet :(

I know how you feel. I'm the same height as you and I wear a size 11/12 depending on the shoe. I hate it! I feel like I have big man feet, but I have to just accept it.

Oh, I see... you are like me! Im 5'10 with size 16 1/2 feet. Welcome to the club montezia :)

You don't have to be tall to have huge feet. That's a myth. I am 5'0" and my mom is 5'1", but we both wear size 10 in US size(which is a size 8 in UK size).Just be lucky you aren't my height with those big feet.

Hey, I got a friend who's only 5' and she wears a guys 13, and you're right, having big feet because you're tall is a myth, I've seen a good number of short-medium height women who have very big feet for their height!