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i experimant  the mfm with about four families with my xwife i was chosen them carefully and it takes long time to persuaded here to let stranger man make love with here finely she consented so i start searching for handsome respected understanding man and planing for the first meeting between 3 of us , actualy She was nervous in the begaining then she became more comfortable felt so excited and warmed to him immediately , she was older than me about 18 years difference but she was beautifull have perfict body  , alwayes care for itself , any way i admit that doing this create a high obssation about each other been so horny more appetite and incrase our love  ,  but life is swinging so after divorce i have some relations with sweets wives make them happe with full satisfied than i really wish if i could invite them husbands to watch and feel aroused with this inceradible pleasure , what i thought is make all of us feel same pleasure same yearning with full respect as one happy family of 3 souls , but ofcause not any one can understanding this kind of  human requirement , i confess that i really respect all this wives and them husband  i considered thay have great life to live with great husbands strong love but we are human need some changes to continue our life as well , thay just looking for some secure different fun  , any way for now i search for marriage with sweet understanding lady have same my interest and i'm 31 years but i  love  ladies between 40 - 55 years, i think its best age for woman to reach the full loving with crazy desire from whols  need to feed peacefully under control husband the love of here life , and i'm in service for any married couple between age 40- 55 for try this kind  of ********* pleasure mfm carfully by webcams as one happy family of 3 person ,and please  i don't accept any wife without here husband ....thanks

medosaat medosaat
31-35, M
Feb 25, 2010