It's really not welcome in China, and it's hard to buy clothes, although I'm thin but my hips just keep being big
Allyanqi Allyanqi
22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 30, 2014

I would love to meet you

I love big hips!!!!

Big hips are beautiful

Allyanqi own those Hips,, be proud of them... Hips are what give women that hour glass figure.. I bet you look amazingly feminine..

How wide? Please add me. We like that in America.

Your hips are created The Right way Its supposed to look. You simply need to find the right size that fits you personally because everyone else does too, You are good enough and more than good enough Just The way you Are....

Thanks〜when i grew up i get a lot of tease for my hip,even from my ex,but i recently found it's actually welcome in western countries

You are so welcome, I Accept you The way you Are and so should anyone else, You are Unique, Your hips I Believe suit you we'll, even though I don't see them because I know you are good Enough and even more than enough, Yes Acceptance is what is needed.