I'm Jelous

I've been jelous most of my life in relationships and towards women who I think look better than I do... I wrote a long blog about a minute ago...
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1 Response Oct 3, 2012

Hmm its normal.Just don`t be too hard on yourself.:).

I feel inferior to my bf ex wife... Shes smart and more stylish than me... Wears nicer clothes... When we did talk more I felt strained to talk correectly because shes an english professer... I'm southern so I dont really speak good english I have words I use that sound totally hickish... But if your raised around people who talk the same its gonna be incorpoarated in to how you talk... So yes after a while of trying to speak correctly but if you start laughing and talking eventually its gonna come out the real way you speak... I hate being jelous it drives me mad... I just dont feel I'm good enough but my bf never complains about how I am so I shouldnt care but I have that feeling in my back the jelous bone as I call it... How can I change?

Maybe try to keep it inside?But why is your boyfriend still involved with his ex wife?

They have a child together so thats why... I love their child like my own... Hes 8 years old and a good kid... I worry sometimes if mybf and I werent gonna make it it would kill me to leave and not see him... I would have to make plans to see him as much as I can...