Huge And Muscular

I fell in love with big muscles when I was a young teen. My affinity to muscle may be a bit homosexual (although I'm a happily married heterosexual); I just love muscles. I always wanted big muscles, but it took me a long time to develop them, but develop them I did.

I have pumped iron for decades now. I love the feeling of lifting weights, I love the pumped feeling in my muscles, I love the burn of my muscles when they really are pushed. I love the sore feeling the next day. I love the veins popping out when I pump them up, I love being incredibly strong and being able to lift heavier and heavier and heavier weights. I love lifting them with great form, exquisitely slowly. I now way 317#. I am 6'5"" My body-fat is 24%. My arms measure 21". My abs are not quite a 6 pack, but you can see muscle - particularly my obliques. I have very strong and sexy butt, and my legs are getting really huge too. I aim to get my body-fat under 20%

When I have a good pump on, and feel all swollen and huge, I imagine that people can't not look at my huge muscles, and want to feel them, and feel my strength. On the other hand, I appreciate that many folks are indifferent or even put-off by this muscular display. I rarely can tell who likes it and who doesn't.

It is clear to me that men are more likely to adore my muscles than women. I kind of wish it weren't that way, but I do like the fact that men get off on my body, want to stroke my muscles, and feel my strength, and yes - want to have sex with me.

I love seeing both men and women with big muscles.
astarte108 astarte108
56-60, M
May 7, 2012