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i find it funny that in our society people believe that if your breasts are bigger than a DD size, then they must be fake! ive had to deal with this ever since high school when i just so happened to have DDD sized boobs. guys would always stare and other girls just thought that there was no way that this 9th grader could have boobs that big naturally. in the locker room, they would be talking about me out loud saying that my boobs were fake or that i stuffed my bra. one day i had enough and decided that i would prove that they were real. so as usual the same girls were talking about me and i went to them and said "just so you know i cant even afford implants" *squeezes boobs* "and besides, you cant get that kind of jiggle with a stuffed bra, or fake boobs!" they ended up walking away in disgust, but they never talked about me having fake boobs after that! i knew though that there would be more girls like that throughout my life. and its even worse now being a L cup cause its not a common size in the US so people automatically assume that the only way you can have boobs that big is to either be fat, or have implants. but to this day, whenever i hear someone accuse me of having implants, i just give a little boobs squeeze and walk away. im 100% natural and proud of it!
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sorry BOOBS

i agree a dated a girl with J bobbs and they were all natural and awesome.........

Hello, I'd love to see your breast pics! I love big breasts! My wife has 38Ds you can see on my profile. So much fun and so sexy. Please add me if you like


good for you. not to put you down, but if I meet you I would probably make some comment about your boobs just so I could get to touch them, or maybe I would just ask you if I could suckle them,

I'd just love to lay my cheek in your soft breast.....

Just like women tend to like the alpha male.. men like the feminine girl and there's nothing feminine about fake boobs..
real rocks fake may as well be socks ;-)
please add me thanks thanus

As well you should be. You're divine!

Thanks for sharing you have nice breast

Yeah I don't like fake boobs really, I like natural in any size. Nice to see how proud of your boobs, I would if I was a woman

Hello, I love large natural breasts! My wife is busty with 36dd and they turn me on to no end...

your profile pic looks promising :D hope you can show some more...

And I 100% love em!!!!

You should be proud of them they look fabulous. Please add me would love to see more! x

my gad

you should be proud of your lovely breasts! Thanks for sharing. Please add me to your circle!

I can see that that they are real I your breast Their nice real or fake I still play with them

I feel your pain. I too wish to offer my services of natural boob certification. After I have provided this service, as another courtesy, I would also, free of charge, check and certify that you have a tight *****. :D

always the jealous people... ridiculous

I think you can blame the responses people have about your breasts on the millions of vain women who get breast augmentation.

Wow, L cup. That's pretty amazing. I can't comprehend that at all, LOL! I once knew a lady that wore a 50H bra. I couldn't believe it when I first met her for lunch. I thought my pants were going to burst open. I was afraid to get out of the car after we parked, LOL!!!

You do have gorgeous breast and I LOVE your attitude about them. Keep it up darlin'. :-)

Shame people have to go through this but it sounds like you have found a fun way of dealing with it. By the way I think they look great.

cute story...(smile), thanks for sharing....your blessed....

cute story...loved it

If you were just 34 B being 100% real is good!!

So that's what happens in the girls locker room.

Have always been a large breast lover. From you profile pic yours look incredible. Sorry people can be rude. Glad you are happy in your body and shrug of what people think.

Your breasts look wonderful from the pic. Please consider adding me.

My wife has 48FF all natural hanger that are fantastic. I LOVE and have always LOVED big breast. It seems and with great pleasure that you LOVE your large breast. ;-)

I think its pretty easy to tell the difference between natural and fake.
their is a clear difference.

from what i can see in your profile pic your boobs are great

You should be proud. If your pic is anything to go by you have one hell of a beautiful pair! Flaunt it

You sound perfect!! Would love an add!! :)

Having large natural breasts are something to be proud of, but having the good sense to realize it is even more praise worthy. I for one never think unkindly of a large breasted lady ... usually I am too busy thinking how lucky I am to be able to appreciate them. Thank you!

Its sad that people honestly believe that isnt any possible way for them to be that big naturally.it baffles me how small minded everyone is....i have to deal with something simliar not about breast but about race or looks...

And I'm proud of you for having them, too. :D

I do love big natural breasts AND I love to massage them !

hey i just sent u a message i really hope ur **** are so full of milk that ur just sitting at home right now rubbing ur nipples and milk is coming out more and more as u moan

i know a girl who hers are 38dd and growing but id love to talk to u ;)

Sweet good for you...

Awesome story .. And I like ur confidence :)

it's great when people can take what others assume about them, and turn it into something to be proud of. good .

Good for you, big natural **** are fantastic - please add me would love to see more of you! x

Went to school with a girl that had d's in grade 6 ill never forget her =)

liyah you are an angel with fantastic boobs please never change

I understand this situation all too well. Being Asian most people think that all Asians come with small breasts and no booty (wrong). I'm blessed with a familiar D or DD depending on my weight. Well anyways both of my little sister are in the same boat as you. They became top heavy very early on. All the guys would oogle and glare and some even made rude remarks right in front of her "DAMNN! Are those real?!" Well right when one of my sister turned 18 she got her breast reduced down to a C cup. She didn't reduce her breast due to ridicule, but more because it killed her back. She's a very small girl with big breast so it really looked even bigger. There are lots of us who understand that big boobs can be real and if felt you can definitely tell. ::Wink wink::

I remember watching a "How to tell the difference between real and fake boobs" video on youtube. Fakes are too round and hard to be confused with naturals.

Big natural boobs nice , that s one good to shut up the nay sayers

Good for you. Some jealous people will always be ********. You have to know you have to be happy no matter what they say or do.

You have something that a lot of other girls do not - they are the bland boring ones - be proud.

I love Boston!! : )

Just please don't feel badly when I stare.....I simply love the way they look... :)

I don't mind staring at all lol

How incredibly rude of those people! I guess they're just jealous.

P.S. Good for you! Go ahead and show off what nature gave you!

It is unfortunate people don't believe breasts can be large and natural. I love large natural breasts myself and have known some girls with them. Believing they can only be fake is foolish. Be proud of your breasts Liyah. I will add you as a friend if that is ok.

i just got added and i thank you for the honor! i love your pics and i think you are a beautiful woman. i love large breasts, the bounce and the "jiggle" drive me nuts. if you are lactating its a bonus LOL. i wish you did date i would love to go for coffee with milk "wink" "wink" LOL. again thank you

Be proud... The look very sweet!!!

mine was the opposite

Well done.

It's excellent that you are proud of your **** despite such cynicism. Good for you.

I admire u baby!

You should them.

Natural boobs are always so much nicer that fake ones. I will be very happy if I ever get to a c or a d cup.

Maybe they feel if they ask you if they are real, you will show them!!!

Funny how people jump to assumptions...then when they see that they're wrong oh how they look shamed. Just give em a squeeze and then they know fake boobs don't squeeze like that! Ha

Fake boobs, stuffed bra, ha...show em that you're the real deal...100% I'm proud of you too liyah !!

You have amazing boobs... really you gotta be proud of it and walk tall to show those who cry fake..!!

Hahaha. The skeptics should just watch you take a couple of steps and walk. Fake boobs will never ever bounce like natural ones!

lol exactly!

Good for you babe ! Be proud and jiggle and walk away !

DDD's are why the terrorists hate us :)

The world would be a much happier place if more women had those!!!!

love to get your boobs..must be beautiful..

I believe you.

Good for you. Be proud of what you have!

Giving you the salute!

Yep, they are jealous.

natural is the best :)

When it comes to girls...it's just jealousy. when it comes to guys...it's akin to amazement and wonder how the hell something like that could happen. When we look at the Great Wall of China, no one ever says "Looks natural". They say, "Wow...how did they make that?" When they see Mount Rushmore, they don't say..."Wow...that looks natural". they say, "Wow, how the hell did they make that?" So when they look at you...it's a lot like looking at something amazing.

they are just jealous

urs are perfect xx

You go girl! Same problems in high school.... i was fortunate enough to have 2 close friends who weren't far behind me in size.

That is a good way to prove it. Will you add me so that I can check out your pictures? I would love to see.

way to go girl. you know most girls who have b cup or smaller are rather jealous of girls with bigger cups. i have seen it too often in college and university.
Aaliyah, i love ur size. only share them with someone most special to you.
Like me. (smiling.)
take are.

I am sure that most of them were jealous of your twins!

AMEN Liyah! You sound wildly delicious! L-cup eh? L is for LUSCIOUS! :)

"...Oh boy, u definitely should b proud of those beauties..."

Good for you!!...I love big all natural boobs!

"...oh 'Liyah of the Big Boobs' - any person of any importance 2 u, {not exclusively, but big *** men} know when a woman has fake boobies..." - pls read my comment/story which u have reminded me of doing - can I suck those pendulous breasts - friends!!!

you rock, girl !!!

Keep it proud abd natural joy, your blessed, and al though it might be a heavy set to be blessed with you know that some of us men would do anything to ease your daily life. Take care and have a great week.

100% natural, 100% great! ;-) Beautiful body, face and boobs... You have it all!