Hadn't Seen Any Large Ones

I used to get comments on the large size of my nipples and they're not as big as some talked about on EP,
I used to be embarrassed as I hadn't seen any other men with nipples like mine ( I think many men keep their large nipples covered so only small ones are seen and expected/ accepted).
I then met a chap who adored them and he introduced me to other men blessed with large nipples and their lovers.
They have since had loads of attention and have been pulled, sucked, pumped and have grown longer and thicker.
I now love having big nipples and love to show them off on the beach, at pools, saunas and. gyms, through thin shirts,anywhere. And now that they're pierced I get other comments too....

I've got photos on EP amd would love your comments
shaved8 shaved8
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I Love guys with big Nipples. I've had mine pierced for a long time, and use Supple Nipps on them when I get the chance.

I was never shy of my girly nipples

Good for you. I was but have grown out of it !

But I don't want to pierce them

Fair enough, each to their own.
Perhaps I'm overcompensating for my earlier shyness ;-)

Do you play a lot with your nipples ?

Oh yes :-) probably 20 minutes daily. Added some new pics today too

rubber O-rings daily !

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