Wife Love My Moobs & Perky Nipples

I might be luckier, or maybe not.

No need to do any pumping or stimulation, I still have natual borned big & perky nips. and they has now growth to be a pair kind of a B-cup size man boobs after quited gyms in a decade.

Honestly, they has brought me embarassment at most time in general, the shape of breast and nipples protrude on my polo always. Women would make fun & laugh at me at normal days. In fact, I found they are just lied, since most of them I experienced slept with, inversely, they just crazy love playing & suck on them while having sex.

My wife now has no exception, she admitted my man boobs don't look good at normal time, but doen't know why they arouse so much appeal at sex, and they are the most loving toys of her in our bed.

A big tips for all of you like to have a pair of them (but remind you really have to confirm with your partner if they like you to have them in advance:P). Have more chicken breast, cheese & milk, these all help grow man-boobs; though big nipples are gifted or have to work them out in other ways.
eroticman eroticman
41-45, M
Sep 24, 2012