I Love My Big Nipples Now :)

The first boy to see me topless made a big deal about the size of my nipples and it made me extremely self concious. I'd wear very padded bras to try and stop them showing through my clothes but my attempts were almost always in vain. It wasn't the last couple of years that I've begun to enjoy and love them. They're large and always erect so I love the attention I get when I don't wear a bra(which is most of the time.
Nothing gets me more excited than catching a man staring and imaging what he wants to do with my super sensitive bullets. I can't believe I ever wasted time hiding them.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

The fool who had u uncomfortable with your beautiful nipples just didnt kno how lucky he was. Glad u love them now. Do u have large areola too?

Ice them down and take a picture of them and put them up in your photos.

Ever had an owner?

close your eyes and imagine cuffs above your elbows, pulling your arms back tight behind you. Nude, body oiled, feathered mask on your face with dark lens to hide your eyes but allow you to see.

Lead into the party on a leash. People would be encouraged to not just look but touch and caress. Displayed then ...