Big Nipples

Pics on my profile, comments welcome
Misty60 Misty60
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I love big nips and would love to see them!

please add. i love big nipples :)

I love big nipples please add me so that I'm able to see them and add coments

Add me sweety

Please add me as friend. Would love to see your pictures.

pls add would like to see your wonders :)

I have been reading your wonderful stories and would love for you to add me, your breasts sound like they are absolutely gorgeous!

add me please i want to see ;)

Hi, have been hoping & waiting for you to add me to your circle of friends for quite some time. Please do me the honour. Thanks.

I'd love to see them too...please add me.

I'd love to see them. Please add me!

Would love to comment. Please add me.

Please add my i would loe to see your nipples

Add me for comments

dying to see them.....and who would have thought a nursing bra could be sexy...but you convinced me. Can you add me?

I would love to see them. Add me

Love your pictures, and your nipples, so very very suckable

Please Add me! I'd love to see this famous nipples of yours!

From what I've read, I would love to be able to see them and pass my own comments...?

I have added you as a friend and await your comments!

I am a man of a few years but have an insatiable appetite for nipples! I would love to be able to comment on yours...
I have a section in my pics just for B@@Bs!

Nice photos but I think mine are better lol

I agree with you so far!
Would you mind me adding a pic or two of yours to my album?

I don't think my husband would like that


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love to see them

Check my photos!

Misty can we have more pls......esp those with your milky breasts, you breastfeeding etc

When you share your photos, yes!

can we chat in yahoo , so that we can share pics easily?

No I don't give out personal info

its ok then.......anyways...thanks a lot for sharing those beautiful pics of your breasts......Thank you

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Misty, those nipples are my torment. And yet, I don't wanna go away.

mm i,d love tooooo ........ see them..

I would love to comment

Go on then!

You have got great ****. I hope you don't mind but I would love to **** **** those big beautiful **** and com on them. Thanks for starring

Your breasts look full and very beautiful!

I would love to see your pics.

you Have beautiful breasts and those nipples WOW I bet when you're braless you turn alot of heads,,, men and women,, any chance of being added to your circle?

As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference for delicious boobs. You can imagine that I'd LOVE to see your nipples for commenting them, I am sure they are very delicious !