Long Hard Nipples

From when I was a teenager I have always had large nipples, and large boobs. They have always been sensitive and quickly popped out, particularly when I am talking to a man who turns me on. I love the feeling of my nipples brushing against something and that immediate stand to attention, and then the looks as they point at the men, almost begging to be licked  and twisted and then sucked so hard. At first I was embarassed when men stared at my erect hard nipples, but now I am proud of them and wear gold rings (non-pierced) around them to keep them even longer. I love the feel of constantly being erect and have started nipple pumping - boy it is so erotic, and makes me so horny. I can pump them to almost 2 inches long and then they stay so hard and full all day long. Now I wear the sheerest of tops and have my lush nips on show all day, they make me constantly want to touch and play with them, and men cannot keep their eyes off them. 

ladyisaslut ladyisaslut 36-40, F 14 Responses Feb 10, 2010

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I'm an avid nipple pumper too and wear a silicone 'collar' to surround the nipples as they're in the cylinder. The result is two big fat swollen nips like raspberries and hugely sensitive. I'm loving your post x

Surging, rigid, expanding, swelling, blooming, blossoming NIPLETS. Suck-you-lent.

I'd love to see them...

I love pumping my nipples too, I just love how they look on Top of my large boobs and how sensitive they get.

pumped nipples deserved to be sucked nicely :)

I love 'outtie' nipples. :-)

me too but I keep them covered

yeah, erect nipples do have that effect on men...

Why don't you work for my company? Damn my luck.

What a sexy story, would love to see them after you have been pumping.

I can relate... after puming them up, put on silky top !! The fabric against them is WONDERFUL!!

I pump my nipples too, usually by hand because they are too big to go into the commercial nipple pumps. I'm damn proud when they stand hard and erect and love the feeling of clothing rubbing against them. Makes them stick out more.

You should get a cupping set.. gun type pump with cylinders, works on everything... see extreme restraints about 35.00 usd search cupping suction

sucking them is to good for you

you are amazing hun!!! any pics of those lovelies.?? i'd love to rate them and tell u what i'd do to you. thanks doll.

You sound like my dream come true :)