Big Nips

i used to hate having large areolas thought they were ugly but now i love em.... it never occurred to me that men would love them too! so glad they do! also they are ridiculously sensitive and my nips are semi permanently erect these days which is very arousing! i'm not complaining!

sparkle63 sparkle63 36-40, F 65 Responses Feb 14, 2010

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Now after reading about them, I need to see them!

theyre natural and beautiful, would love to have one in my mouth, right now

they are very nice!!! thx for sharing!

Love huge , erect nipples !!! Some Ladies are just lucky !!!

haha it is very arousing. so hot when you see an older woman braless and her nips are hard

I love large nipples..would love to see them..

I want to wrap my warm lips around your erect nipples and suck for hours...

Oh yes, nothing as sexy as large areola and hard nipples! Dark or pink, doesn't matter, just so curious!

Very hot.

I love big nipples, love to circle them with my finger tips and then run my fingers over them before licking them

Yes Yes Yes You are so just perfect

I love big nipples and lovely areolas just beautiful

Yes and just ready to be sucked xx

large areiola's are very erotic.

With those **** of yours, you've should be proud of them. They are nice.

Hi there x
I love nice to big nipples
please add me ;-)

I'd love to see your areolas. Please add me.

please show more of them hard nips ! ! !

Very true, love'em big

Please add. Have you added an open nipple bra picture. Woud love to see and adore.

Absolutely, embrace what you have. I love big nipples, especially if they are hard and poke through your shirt. Always gets my attention

I love to play with the areola around the nipple. It is so sensitive. I lightly pinch, tug, rub to get the edges hard, goose pimpled and sensitive. do you like clothes pins or clamps on your areolas ?
Please sddhe so I can adore yours.

Would love to see your breasts and large areolas. The pancake sized ones are a real turn on, would never be able to get it all in my mouth but would be happy just to lick them. Not forgetting the nipples of course, always pay special attention to those.

So... sexy in a white T-shirt... or a wet T-shirt

I love big areoles my wife has them when I get her supper off she has drops of white stuff come out of them have you ever heard of this before .

I absolutely love big areolas, don't know why, but have for as long as I can remember. The bigger the better!


I love large areolas is an invitation to suck

I love ladies that have large areola areas it is very sexy and yes that dose mean that when your nipples get hard there is alot more to see.

id love to suckle you babe as you ride my thick ****, bareback , til we both *** together !