Seriously??... Still?

Well now that I'm a 34J... I know how fast they can really grow! It's crazy my friends were soooo surprised when i seen them i just said "yes they did grow again" the i sighed lol. My family is wondering what's wrong with my boobs it's funny. This thanksgiving I was the talk of the night... Or should I say " they" where the talk of the night lol. I think all the food I ate went to my boobs lol I kinda felt them get bigger like my shirt I was wearing got tighter or something, it's weird? But I need some ideas where to get some bras so if you girls can help just tell me. Thanks girls :)
bigboobs333 bigboobs333
22-25, F
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if u need me to come suck them dry let me know

check out these three sites. ive been buying bras from here since i became a H cup. and even though im a L cup now, these sites still have bras for me! and i know what you mean, my boobs are usually the main topic of conversation when i visit family for thanksgiving. it doesnt help that alot of the weight i gain goes straight to my boobs and hips lol

Thanks :) do you like the bras you got from those sites?

i love em :) and if your are willing to spend a little bit more (i think its completely worth it), you can get a few bras from here...

its a polish bra company. the bras cost about $50, but the shipping is a bit of a pain. but these bras are a stroke of genius ;) check it out

Hi bigboobs333, I hope you don't suffer of your breasts growing that much. I must admit that I find this very interesting, but I don't have to carry them all day, they must be very heavy.
There are some shops having your bra size, brastop for example even goes up to a 34K. Here is a link for some bras in your size that are sold out till tomorrow evening :
I hope you find something nice for you.

Thanks :)

you are very welcome :)

damn that is crazy