i have bipolar 2. its really getting me down. tried all meds nothing working. at the moment i am on a low edge. i now feel that if nothing gets done. then i want to die. the only thing keeping me alive is my 16 year old daughter.
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1 Response Dec 30, 2010

I've been there... my 8 year being the only think keeping me alive. I've been going to therapy once a week, I see my psychiatrist 2 times a month and taking 50mg of Zoloft. It's stopped the suicidal thoughts, but my shrink wants me to try to control the mania myself. It's difficult, but with their help and spending a lot of time with myself, I'm really trying. I know tht Zoloft is a risk with bipolars, but it's helped me. Have you talked to your doc about that? only to be done under strict supervision, but it really helps me LIVE.