Sometimes I Just Need A Hug.

Sometimes my poetry is deep,

depends on my mood,

and the secrets I keep.

Sometimes my mood goes away,

drawn out by the pen,

with the words that I say.

Sometimes darkness comes down,

an image of doom,

turns my smile to a frown.

Sometimes my heart seems to cry,

tears drip in blood,

yet my spirit flies high.

Sometimes I’m unable to ask,

words in a scramble,

becomes such a task.

Sometimes my work is a drain,

the title may put you off,

or the content cause you pain.

Sometimes life cant always be joy,

although I smile when I can,

when its hard to get by.

Sometimes you cant see the light,

covered by a mist of despair,

while trying to make everything al-right.

Sometimes I blame my Bipolar,

its like living in the dark,

when I desperately need solar.

Sometimes still waters run deep,

beyond the depth of my soul,

and the memories I keep.

Sometimes my life seems so calm,

upbeat and happy,

far away from the harm.

Sometimes when I find the time,

my pain onto paper,

I release with a rhyme.

Sometimes all I request,

is a little bit of love,

to help me become my best.

alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
Dec 15, 2012