The Wandering Bipolar

I started having symptoms of Bipolar when I was about 7, but I wasn't diagnosed with Bipolar until I was 9. I had anger management problems at school and was sent to counseling. After a couple of months my parents began noticing the anger at home too. Then I stopped sleeping, and demanding to go out at night. I became more violent when my wishes weren't met. That's when my mom started wondering if I had Bipolar Disorder.

She took me to a child psychiatrist who recommended medication. A couple of medications were tried that didn't help at all. Then she took me to her own psychiatrist who started me on a small dose of Lamictal, which is the same medication my mother had responded to. Turns out, it worked for me too. I still take Lamictal 2x daily, but I also take Seroquel at night so I don't go into a manic phase.

One of my little sisters started walking around the neighborhood at around two in the morning a couple years ago. She would sneak off to the play ground when everyone was asleep. She was only 4 or 5 years old at the time! When we found her later, she was speaking too fast to understand, obviously manic, but too young to be diagnosed apparently. She's on Lamictal now too, and hasn't had an episode since.

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My sister and i both are bipolar and neither of us responded well to lamictal. My sister doesn't take any meds now but I'm on Celexa, Seroquel and Xanax.

I'm bipolar and on Lamictal too, and I have anger problems as well. I can totally relate!

I don't see what's so great about the highs.