Bi Fantasies And My Step-dad

I don't know what you would consider me, I consider myself just a very sexual person. I don't think there is any one label, like straight or bi that could fit me. That being said I am normally not all that attracted to guys, though I have been before.
I remember being young I would play with my friends naked all the time and I always had a raging erection seeing their bodies, though at the time I didn't know why it got so big!
Beyond that I have no other real experiences or desires except for my step father. That may sound really wrong, I don't know, but nothing has happened or will, it's just a fantasy. I have wanted so much to make love with him, to suck him off and feel his **** in my mouth. I would love to feel his **** up my *** and maybe even put mine in his. I want to make love with him then have him hold me in his strong arms and feel our nude bodies pressed together. I dream of his holding me like this in bed, with his beautiful **** grazing my inner thigh and crack.
Sounds weird I know, but its a fantasy I have had...
norva norva
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 8, 2010

As other posters here have alluded to, these bi types of feelings/ideas seem to surface around middle age. It has for me. Maybe your step-father is getting those desires too. Question is... how to bring it up and not be chastised for your idea if he is not receptive...