A Missed First Chance

  I worked at restaurant during college and became really good friends with another one of the servers.  I had no idea she was lesbian.  Not sure how I missed it because everyone else seemed to know.  Well, I drew her name for the Christmas party and we all had a really good time.  I ended up driving her back to her place cause she was drunk.  Unfortunately, I had a guy friend with me that I had invited to the party. Nothing between him and me, just friends.  Well, she gave me this lingering close hug after I dropped her off that felt a little odd.  I wondered at the time, 'what's up with this?', but I was kind of embarrassed cause my guy friend was there watching.

  My fantasy that I have sometimes, is what if I returned that hug with one just as lingering and touching as the one she gave me.  What if my guy friend hadn't been there?  Would I had kissed her?  Maybe even offer to come up to her place.  It would had been my first lesbian experience.

  I really did like her as a friend and was slightly drunk enough to possibly seriously make out with her and perhaps get naked with her and maybe even to taste her?

MissSarahAnne MissSarahAnne
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Call her and set up a session. Tell her how turned on you were. I'm sure shell take you up on the offer, then we will be able to read about it on EP..... Please.

I took my wife to a swingers club one night and I left to get us some drinks at the little food area they had set up downstairs. When i came back I was utterly shocked to find a man leaning against the wall, holding his his naked wife against him, her back was to him and his arms entwined around hers so that she was standing but really fully exposed and open, and my wife was in front of her, ravishing her body. Kissing her mouth, her breasts, feeling between her legs, I almost dropped our drinks. She had never before even hinted at the least bit of interest in women.