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I was born on Nov 12 1979, in a small community hospital, and imediatly after birth i was taken to cheo in ottawa, where i had my first of many opperations. I was only 5 lbs 7 oz, and the drs couldnt tell my mom if I was a boy or a girl, so she had to wait until the drs in Ottawa determind, what my condition was. I have had 48 surgeries, and one more to go in june, i am happily married i have two beautiful childern, and live a very normal life. This wouldnt have happened if it wernt for my dr at cheo.. I have a wonderful family, and friends, My parents deserve a gold medal for what they went through when i was little, I have the best parents and sister anyone could ask for. Thanks for everything!!
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hi I was also born in Ottawa at cheo but in 1983 that is so crazy to come upon your story I never met anyone with this condition. Do u still live in the Ottawa area I was born at cheo in Ottawa but was too from a small town about 45 mins your story sounds very simular to mine my mom also told me that they were not sure if i was a boy or girl at birth i also too live a pretty normal life other then frequent uti's and doctor appointments recently had a procedure done to remove a large kidney stone out of my left kidney wouuld like to hear more about your story feel free to message me back or if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

What are you confused about Andrewy?