Disabled? .___.

Hi all, name is Lily and I was born with bladder exstrophy like the rest of the group in '91, and got a Mitrofanoff procedure. Recently I have had a crapola run of infections, including two at one time about three months ago. While I find dealing with catheters and infections an annoying hassle, when I was at the gyno the other day he recommended I see a real urologist -- he fears with my frequency of infections it could lead to severe kidney problems. When I told Mr. Boss this morning my bladder kept me up all night, he is now thinking i should apply for disability. I have never thought of myself as disabled, and as I already hide under HUD's *** for housing I really don't want to eat resources that could be spent on people with some of those worse exstrophy problems. I have insurance until I am 25, do I really need disability? .__.
<3, Lily.
LilyBentley LilyBentley
Nov 6, 2012