B.e. My Story

Hello, my name is rosy I'm 17 years and of course I was born wit B.E. I have had 8 surgeies to fix it my last surgey was when I was 12. Growing up has been differdnt then most girls I use to made fun of in grade skool for being ugly an hav to pee so offten an alway havin to carry a bag around for my cathers. I didn't hav many friends either so tht didn't help. Wen I got to 7th grade I started makin different ways to carry my cathers lik in a homemade belt tht had a pocket all the through to cary about three an jelly things or a cute animal backpack tht I hardly ever took off at skool. Now tht I'm in 12th grade I don't care wat pple think of my b.e. this is the way I was born I can't change an now I don't c anythng wrong wit me I'm normal as anyone else. I do hav a stoma where my belly button once was an I hav a belly ring rite over it so wen I wunna wear half tees I juss pop in a long belly ring an I go to go. So yea it don't many if u hav thiz b happy there will never b anyone lik u.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I'm glad you came here and decided to share your story!