Hey guys, I am twenty years old, and have BE. I keep everything so private from friends, or basically anyone other than my close family. I am ok with that I guess, but what I really need is to just talk to someone else who I could begin to relate to.. Feel free to message me. Thanks, :)

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Hey all...I was born with B.E. in 1986 and I recently have embraced this "condition" as an amazing experience. Yes it's scary and I think it is smart to be selective on who you share details with, but we are not "weird" or even that different than someone who has any other medical condition. We were born with something that required medical attention and we do live a little different than some people but most wouldn't know anything is wrong. Having a community to discuss this with is great and if you need to talk let me know. Stay positive!

I was born with B.E I'm 22 years old, if you have any questions feel free to message me, I'm new to this site so it would be great to talk to people with the same condition :)

I have B.E too. I understand how scary it is.........How scary it is to lay awake at night worried about what people would think if they knew my "secrets" about my body. I've had girlfriends that found out and had no problem with them......But I have NEVER actually talked about it with another living soul.....How incredible would it be to actually talk about it and actually share my fears, concerns and not be afraid.....Just a thought....probably will never happen.........But it can't hurt to imagine I guess. Sorry if this wasn't exactly related to your posts...Today is my first day on this site. I'm not sure what to do....I had no Idea that there were others "like me"<br />
Thanks for letting me babble (O;<br />
Jason Haworth<br />

Hi Jason
I also have B.E I am 29 and this is also my first time on here, wow I can't believe how many people keep it to themselfs I know it is a hard thing to talk about some times and embarrassing!! But we are also very srong people who have been though a hell of alot and should be very proud of that! Please feel free to chat to me! All best with it if I don't hear from u but just remember to be strong and who gives a **** what other people think of u? It just shows you what kind of person they and not worth your time! X

Hey Brianna, nice to meet you so to speak. I have had B.E. since birth in 1958 .... way before your time. I too use to be embarrassed to talk about it, but now, I embrace it!<br />
That may sound a little strange, but I am who I am, was made the way I was made and truly feel WE are special people.<br />
Feel free to write me anytime. All the best ... justmeValerie

Hi Brianna! I saw your comment on my story and am so happy that our stories are so similar. it definitely feels awesome knowing that someone so close in age has gone through simliar situations as i have. i would love to hear your story in detail and would love to keep in touch. Let me know if you'd like to do that and we can exchange info. hope to hear from u soon! Bye girl!

Hi Brianna My name is Matthew and i live in Australia and i was born with bladder Exstrophy to i was born in 1986 i hard that best dr in australia at the time i was born i have done so will and sill am<br />
<br />
if you like to stay in contact just email me and i can tell you more about my self to you<br />
<br />

Hello guys, I'm in the same boat unfortunately. I've only ever told one person outside of my close family and that was one of th hardest things i've ever done. I was so afraid of what the reaction would be and that the person might tell someone else. They were very understanding and supportive but I still feel I could not tell someone else,especially someone of the opposite sex, unless I trust them 100%. Feel free to comment or mail me. Cheers :) E