Bladder Exstrophy The Long Road

Hi every one my name is Matthew iam 24 years old  and i live in Australia and i still live at home  and i was Bron with Bladder Exstrophy.


My life has been on a very long road and so have every one how has BE or you know some one wirh it.

it has been hard for me and my mum and dad  back in 1986 when i was born there was not much help for my mum and dad and there was no google no net to help them to find out what i hard.


But i hard the best Australian Dr back in 1986 how did the most best job he did on me was great and my mum and dad was so happy

the Dr was happy with they way i did


School was so hared for me kids made so much fun at me when i was in year one i was still in nappy's and kids fund out i was in them and they made so much fun of me


When it come to high school it was the some old thing kids made fun of me again and it was so hard for me to do my school work my english was not good at all and i tryed so hard to do all of my work but i cold not get it dane


my life has been so hard but i have GOD on my side and he has help me so much


thank you for your time if you what more from me just e mail me if you what to

thank you


MatthewWrigley MatthewWrigley
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I knw hw u feel