Why Do We Have An Electric Bill?

One of my girlfriends is know for her blonde moments
while getting bills and utilities in order when we rented a house together she asks me one day... If we have gas heat why do we have an electric bill? Well hun you know that hair straightener you use every morning... was the only response I could come up with.

The best one she did was at work. We work at a call center. one day everyone in our area was on the phone and she came across an account she couldn't pronounce the name and couldn't ask anyone for help. She decided to go for it even though she couldn't understand why someone would ever give thair kid this name, and call the guy. "Hi may I speak to The-Odor?" the lady on the other end of the line "Umm you mean Theodor?"
kdk907 kdk907
Sep 12, 2012