It Wasnt Me But Was Great!

Older incident but still one of my FAV's,

So my grade 12 year was amazing all due to one class, Lit 12 with Searcy (best teacher ever!!!). This class holds a lot of awesome memories, but none better than this.

Our class had a lot on interesting ppl in it but there's always the person who is the joke of the class for one reason or another. well this girl(girl A) had been being bugged by pretty much the whole grad class ever since the beginning of the year, everyone bugged her about a HUGE hicky she gave to one of the guys in our grade, i don't know why everyone made fun of her for it but they did. so one day she was pretty mad that everyone kept bugging her about it so the teacher was trying to get the class to stop and so was her best friend(girl B). Her friend(girl B) said exactly this "Soon enough someone is going to do something stupid and everyone will forget

about this whole thing". Wouldn't you know it, the next thing that happens is girl A went to staple a poster on the wall and (being the blonde that she is) she held the poster up on the wall i and went to staple it, easy enough right? Apparently not, normally you hold the stapler with the metal side on the wall and the plastic part to your hand but no, she put the plastic side against the wall and slammed her hand down on it. GREATEST blond moment i've ever seen! Don't worry she wasn't hurt badly but still great. Needless to say everyone stop bugging her about the other thing.

Hjorth18 Hjorth18
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2010