I was 13 when my mom notice something wrong with the way i would stand so she took me to rite time (A doctors office or something) and from their i mfeet with alot of specailists nd doctors nd it was about a year and a half.Before i had my surgery done on my right then i had it on my left leg.When they did right leg they asked if i wanted a block which would help with the pain so i agreed and when they did the left they didnt ask if i wanted one so i thought they knew i wanted one but when i woke up that evening all i felt was pain and nausea which if probly for the laughing gas which made me throw up and over all my stay at the hospital was good and i found that eating ice cream helps the pain.The most challenging part was me getting into my house which was extreamly hard since i have steps infront.But i manage to do it.
Blounts124 Blounts124
Feb 9, 2013