I have Blue eyes.

They change colour when i am tired or sick. They turn Grey.

When I am angry they appear to glow.... My sister's have seen this and that it freaks them out. haha

I use this when I need to. Not sure why it happens ... hard to hide a mood when your eyes give away so much.


caroli9 caroli9
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5 Responses Aug 3, 2007

i used to look at peoples lips moves when they talked ... now .. well i look at eyes

I also look at eyes :)

My eyes are hazel, they turn to green when I'm tired or sick - or just in the sunlight.

I have brown ones.

indeed ... i have been asked if i was wearing contacts a few times. i just say yes so i dont have to explain. and yet ..... here i am ?

Wow! You have very interesting eyes!