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So maybe not now but once upon a time... blue, pink, black, blond... you name it I did it. I had spikes, mo-hawk, shaved, long to my ***... hair is fun and allows you to be expressive and that's what I do... well did more of before I had to grow up a bit. Something about corporate society frowning against designs shaved in the side of your head... LOL 
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I'm so with you... let them have fun while they still can. My three yr old loves to wear those wash off tats and his hair all spiked up and if my oldest gets to him he ends up with colors to boot. <br />
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I'd so love to pierce the labret but my boss would FREAK!

im with you 100%, dye it, ink it pierce it............... it ****** me off that now I have kids Ive had to tone it down a bit, I cant believe how many parents have warned their kids to be careful about me and my kids because we dont fit into the mould they have created for us all to live in. My kids are strong minded individuals (yippee), and I have given them a fair amount of freedom with their clothes etc... theyve learnt that the freakiest people are the most genuine.

Live it up now... color, tat, pierce... go for it!

very nice...i'd have really bad roots though, cos my hair's black/brown. i think i'd better get a move on before the whole societal pressure thing!

Right now I blend in w/ society which sucks... getting older mean less play I guess... I think I'd go for a blood red w/ black tips if i could...

i want to dye my hair blue at times, but i couldn't be bothered having to change it all the time to suit my mood. i'm thinking red right now. hrm...what was your fave hair colour?

Really love the blue lowlights my hair girl put in my hair recently. She used foils in back and then painted on a few extra spots with a brush.