I have Blue-Green Eyes, and have always wondered if anyone else had the same thing. Its hard to tell what color people's eyes are at first glance if they are mixed, like mine. The blue in my eyes stand out if I wear white clothing, and the green stands out if I wear dark clothing. When I mean stand out, I mean that they can be almost completely solid blue at times, and solid green at other times. It is really neat to wear different clothing and "have different eyes" lol. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Mine are bluish green grey with a darker blue rim and more yellow towards the pupils. In some pictures, they appear bright blue green, they turn turquoise when I'm upset. Wearing brown makes them look more blue. Overall, they appear 'teal.' One eye has a tiny spot of reddish brown, it's hard to see, though. My mom's eyes were an olive green and brown hazel, more or less evenly distributed, and my dad's are blue. My sister's eyes are very close to mine, one brother has brown eyes. The other brother has blue. My sister's daughter appear similar to ours, but they are actually green, and lighter overall. Her other daughter's eyes are like ours.

This is an old post, but I'm glad I found it. I, too, have the ever-elusive green-blue eyes. They're mostly green, but I've been told sometimes they are an aqua color. I was always told as a child my eyes were hazel, but learned from my eyes doctor that hazel was the light brown color, and that my eyes were gray. A few years after that, I was with some relatives who I hadn't seen in years, and I was outside with the sun shining, and my aunt asked me how I got my green eyes. I hadn't a clue. Everyone on my mom's side has brown eyes; everyone on my dad's has bright blue with the exception of my grandmother. I have grown to love my eyes and am glad they're unique. I've had people apologize for staring at me, who've told me it was because they were trying to figure out what color my eyes were. :)

Mine are exactly the same way and I love it. My Dad's eyes were blue and my Mom's green. Mine are constantly changing. Some people are amazed, others envious. :-)

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I too have blue green eyes mine have gold around the pupil. mine go by moods, when calm blue when angry /upset green. my daughter gets a kick out of my eyes cause sometimes one eye will be blue and the other will be greener so it is kind of freaky.but it isn't like I have one blue eye and one green eye

Mine fluctuate between Blue/Green Blue/Grey Green/Grey or solid Grey. Its awesome to me ^-^ Having different eye colors on days.

My eyes stun people when I look at them, and I don't mean to do it

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Yes my eyes are like that I even have orange in mine

My eyes are on the darker side of the color spectrum mixed blue green gray with amber flex in the middle. Some days they are more blue some days more green. Just like some days the black ring is bolder than others a little weird. Don't know what to say my actual eye color is, my ID says blue though. My hair is naturaly streaked medium blonde and light brown. Growing up I had blonde hair and blue eyes. Both my parents have brown hair and eyes along with my brother, I am half Norwegian and have blonde hair and blue eyes on my dads side but no one has mixed eyes besides me. Kinda weird I love my eyes and wouldn't change them.

Same here

I have the same thing. I have them as blue on my drivers license but they always look green to me. I would walk around a room and get different answers from every single person. Bluish-grayish-green from one greenish gray from another. I asked my eye doctor what color they actually were and he said blue but there's also yellow flecks which cause the color changes.

Me too... I was always told my eyes were hazel but have no brown in them.. I have amber, blue, grey, green, and depending on what i'm wearing they turn more green or more blue.. was trying to add a pic but won't let me

My eyes are mixed too, but I have a mix of brown, grey, green and blue. Also when I'm in the outside or in a light area my eyes look blue, but when I'm in the inside or dark area, my eyes seem to be green....

OMG! I found my people! I thought I was the only one with blue green eyes. I also have the stars, but they are different shapes in both my eyes. Sometimes they have speckles of brown, they change depending on my mood also. If I cry they turn light blue, if I'm mad they get darker green. On cloudy days they are grey. I love that I'm not alone and there are more people with our lovely mutated eye color! <3

Same here, pretty cool

I have the same eyes & find when I wear blue they turn blue & when I wear green, they turn green....although I am wearing white now & just looked in the mirror to see the significant green prominence. I just love it too & we don't have to wear contacts to it. It is all au naturel :)

If you wear purple, your eyes will look very noticeably turquoise. Mine are, and I do, to bring out the color. People always think I'm wearing tinted contacts.

My eyes are green around my pupil and blue on the outside with a dark black ring around the blue... people say my eyes look like the world is exploding

I have the rare blue and green mix as well. Some days they look green and then other days they look blue. I have even been told they look gray at times. I don't know of anyone personally that has this eye color. It is definitely unique.

Mine look grey to, sometimes

I have weird eyes too! I have a very thick black ring around the edge of my eyes which slowly fades to dark blue and then a very pale blue and then the pale blue turns pale green. Sometimes if my pupils are small enough you can see a thin ring of yellow in my eye. It's very confusing because I never know what to call them, my mum has the same eyes as me but when I was younger I had clear blue eyes. I have noticed that my eyes are slowly growing paler. Also my hair is changing colour too! When I was born I had jet black hair and when I was 2-7 my hair was a very light blonde. Now my roots are a medium brown colour like my brothers but the end of my hair is still blonde. It's very annoying because when I wear my hair down I get a lot of people asking me if I dip dyed my hair oh well.

I have orange in mine

Mine are blue on the outer rim and fade into green. Mine change color depending on the color of my clothes and if I'm upset and crying they turn completely blue! The ppl that have eyes like ours are definitely unique! I love my eye color!

I have blue-green eyes as well. Its kind of neat :)

Did anyone else get there eyes out of pure luck. My eyes came from my great grandfather if that's even possibly. And to make it more amazing I'm Mexican and practically all my family has brown eyes. We really need a name for these kinds of eyes. <3

I know, a unique name

When I was younger my eyes were like baby/medium blue. Now they change colors. I go from medium green to blue when I am happy, and a crystal grey when I am crying. Also, they turn such an intensely dark green color when I am fumingly mad.

i have blue, green & brown eyes. when i take a picture my eyes are brown, when i'm sad or crying their blue-gray, and when i'm happy their GREEN, im just wondering does anybody else have them like this?

I have bright green eyes with yellow "stars" around the middle :3

We have eye color that changes in my family. Mine vary from blue, green, gray, aqua, teal readily. My son started out a cornflower blue and now appear green. My ex had amber eyes.

My eyes are exactly the same. I have been asked several times if I am wearing contacts. If I wear earth tones they are more green, with red, white, blue colors my eyes appear blue. At times they even appear turquoise. While vacationing in Hawaii they were exactly the color of the ocean according to many people I encountered.

My eyes are dominantly green. However, part of my right eye is blue and then the other half is green. Crazy right? I also have speckles of brown in both eyes.

This is a really old post, but my eyes are like dark blue around the edges, and when you start getting close to the pupil, they are a mix of dark green and blue. More green than blue. My eyes change colors with what I am wearing as well. It's very hard to tell what my eye color actually is.

Mine are dark blue on the edges, and fade into green, light green, yellow and then brown coming in :)

Same here 😄 though they seem to change either blue or green depending on the lighting

My eyes are like that too. They are a dark blue around the rim and as you look closer they are a mix of green and blue. The green stands out more the closer you get to the pupil and I have a ring of yellow around the pupil as well.

Had to get in on this conversation as well. Mine are blue on the outside rim, then green with sometimes orange in the middle. The orange will change to yellow, brown or tan. sometimes I get some white and they look like glass. Some days they are greener and other days more blue. I havent met anyone with my kind of eyes except my mother. Cool we all have unique eyes. Does anyone else get the color change in the middle?

Funny ... I never thought this so unusual even though I never met anyone outside my immediate family with this trait. I have 4 siblings. My younger sister and I have the trait. My brother and my older sister have blue eyes.<br />
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My Father had blue eyes and my mother's were green. When I applied for my driver's license, I asked my mom what my eye color was and she replied "green". My license still says green though I now describe them as hazel. I married a man with blue eyes and we have 3 sons. The middle son inherited my eyes (he seems pleased with that fact) and the other 2 have blue eyes. <br />
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I am sure most of us have experienced numerous comments and compliments on our eye color. The people that comment on my eyes then go on to describe them as blue. Like others have mentioned, my eye color is affected by what I wear. I guess I do wear blue more than any other color. Perhaps I'll experiment with wear mostly green and see if anyone makes a comment about my eyes.

WOW! and I thought I was unique lol. My eyes are mostly blue...but turn green as well. I can ask one of my kids/grandkids "what color are my eyes?" one will look and say "blue" and the other will say "green". lol. They also change colors depending on what I wear etc. For the most part, most people say I have blue eyes...then they look again and say... well, blue/green lol. I'm living in Mexico now... you have NO idea how many people ask me if I'm wearing contact lenses. I'm getting to the point where I'll laugh, rub my eyes and say "nope, they're mine!" awesome group here!

This is interesting! I have my eyes listed as hazel on my drivers license but I would actually call them blue/green too. Mine are green (I think) on the the outerside but turn more blue in the middle and then a brown or hazel in the middle. My husband always said he didn't like it when they were blue! LOL :). It too depends on my mood what color they can be. I have also had people comment on my pretty blue eyes but looking in the mirror now they are more green then anything. When I correct people they have to take a closer look and seem a little puzzled.

My mom had blue-green eyes. The only way to describe them was that they looked like the ocean. Amazing! From what I understand her dad had blue eyes and her mom had green, so I guess she was some sort of "combo." I know her two sisters had blue eyes, but I think her brother had the blue-green eyes, too.<br />
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My dad has blue eyes, and I have his eyes.

I inherited a strange eye combination, My father had light brown eyes and my mother bright blue coloured eyes. As a result my left eye is light green and my right eye is bluish green. When I get angry both eyes change to bright ocean blue-green. I am not happy about having 2 different eye colours that are very often interpreted as piercing. As a consequence I try not to look staright into the face of people as I do not like to irritate them! Funny enough as a child I had olive green eyes, but they changed as described above, and stayed like this since today. :-(

i have blue-green eyes, though ive never been sure what to call them. i guess ill call them a blue-green-gray.its a bit weird with my family because my mom has dark brown eyes, my dad has deep green eyes, and my brother has hazel. mine change with my mood also green when im annoyed to deep blue when im sad.

I have blue-green eyes as well but mine will also turn grey at times. The inner part of my eyes are blue green while I have a grey ring around it. Sometimes my eyes will show up green especially when I wear red and other times they'll appear blue. At first I just considered my eyes green and I believe that's what I have on my driver's license, but then people would tell me that I have pretty blue eyes I would always tell them they were green so they would get up real close and look just to see the green. I looked up some articles on eye colors and our color of eyes isn't even defined. My personal opinion on it is that our eyes are a variation on hazel where the most common hazel eyes are brown green and ours being a more rare hazel being blue green. Maybe eventually somebody will do a study on our eye color and define it for us so we're not always left out lol. I love my eye color and wouldn't change it for the world, my son fortunately inherited my eye color even though his dad has straight blue eyes.

yay :D i Googled "blue green eyes" and found this site :D i only know one other person with eyes like mine, and they're my other child has eyes like their father :D my eyes were very blue when i was little, then they started changing from blue to gray, then to a greenish mom had forest green eyes and my dad has ice blue eyes, so i think i got a mixture :D i love my eyes!! they change color with my moods and with the color i'm wearing. i love purple and how purple eyeshadow makes my eyes look!! i took some pix of myself one day & in a matter of minutes, in the same room, with the same light and the same clothes, my eyes had changed from very green to very blue :D so cool to read about everyone's awesome eyes!! i wanna see some pix!!

i have blue-green eyes. alot of people call them teal. i was born wit bright blue eyes, but as i got older my irish decent started to show. some days they're light green, especially when i cry or my eyes are irritated from my contacts. they also look green whenever i wear purple/red or teal clothes. but they look light blue whenever i wear blue or brown. my eyes are more blue around the edges of my iris, then start to mix blue with green towards the middle, but they are green around my pupil. i love them [: but its hard to say wether they're blue or green because they change colors all the time. like in the winter they're more blue, and in the summer they're more green. some people say that iris' can't change color, but i think they can [: my mom has bright green eyes, while my dad has bright blue, so i think that i jus got a mix of both. but, none of my 3 siblings have green eyes, or even mixed. they all have bright blue eyes, so it makes me feel special. :p i love wearing contrasting eyeshadow to make them pop !

actually could someone help coz i'm not too sure lol, my eyes used to be that really obvious blue , but now it's like they've changed or gotten darker, i have a picture on my profile, does anyone know?

OMG!! i had to sign up to this just because of this group lol,<br />
does anyone know how it happens?, coz my eyes used to be blue when i was about 11 or 12 and i'm 17 now, and my eyes are blue-green (i think lol) it's even hard for me to tell lol xp<br />
<br />
it's so weird, but so unique hehe

Got to love people's reactions to our special and gifted eyes. Changing color between classes would freak out anyone I guess. :) Keep looking at the world through the blue-green eyes that everyone loves and wants. :)

Hey I have blue/green eyes too. And I'm the same, certain colours I'm wearing bring out either the blue or the green. But when I cry my eyes go bright green it looks quite cool :)

I also have blue/green eyes with dark blue showing around the edges. My eyes are more blue when wearing blue or when sunburned. When wearing shades of green they match anything from aqua to bright green. Also if I cry or my eyes are irritated by allergies or slog they will turn green. I have been told I have Chameleon eyes. I have 5 siblings and they have similar colors in their eyes.

I also have blue/green eyes with dark blue showing around the edges. My eyes are more blue when wearing blue or when sunburned. When wearing shades of green they match anything from aqua to bright green. Also if I cry or my eyes are irritated by allergies or slog they will turn green. I have been told I have Chameleon eyes. I have 5 siblings and they have similar colors in their eyes.

I have blue-green eyes too. They're mostly blue, except around the iris is a circle of green. Mine change colors too, depending on what I'm wearing or sometimes the weather. If I wear red they turn gray...My boyfriend's are the opposite, with green with blue around the iris. :)

@ Combo, yes my eyes are real blue-green, isn't it neat? :p @Wj, well, my dad has near clear blue and my mom has blue-green as well I think. Nothing but blue running through the family I suppose. As far as genetics are concerned, you are very brave to delve into how that works. :) ls it gray eyes for happy, blue eyes for irritated, and green eyes for downright viciously angry? That would come in quite handy, because when people see the green eyes, they would know to tread softly. :)

I also have blue-green eyes. Mine will also change color if I'm experiencing strong emotion. Sometimes going from gray to blue to green. I get teased about having mood ring type eyes. None of my children inherited them though, they all have brown like their Dad. I'm wondering how the genetics work with others with our eye color? What color eyes do your parents have? My father had hazel eyes and my mother had blue.

A real blue green eyes?

Haha. What a weird 2 pairs of eyes we have. ;) Well people can laugh all they want, they might be jealous, or downright freaked out. lol Who cares, as blue-green eyes rock this world.

lol. hey i have blue-green eyes as well.. i always thought that i was alone. i mean noone in my school has eyes like me. and its funny cus sometimes. they will get mixed up when i wear black and one will be green and one will be blue. sometime the inside of my eyes will be blue and the outside will be green or the opposite. and same when i wer white they are blue. lol.. sometimes my friends will laugh at my eyes cus when i wear any kind of makeup they POP. lol. im glad there are other ppl with the same eyes/

Thnx brokengirl :) dark brown is cool to me!...but yeah, if I quit being lazy and find a pic, i day lol

nope, you are who you are :D<br />
your eyes sound lovely, i haven't seen eyes like that lol. i dark brown eyes, so boring lol<br />
<br />
<br />

Hey, I have blue-green eyes too... people are never sure which they are... unless I'm wearing a couple of specific colors. If I wear green, they're green. If I wear purple - they're blue. I'm not sure about black or white - I'll have to check. I know they used to look grey... that's what I had (have?) on my driver's license. They always looked grey when I wore my slate grey shirt.<br />
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So hey - how 'bout you put up a profile pic of your green-blue eyes? ;) If i can find a day when i don't have dark circles under mine, then I'll post a pic too, under 'pics' :)