Please Help

i have an aneurysm ( discovered about a year ago ) now every time i get stressed or have a problem and get to tired i don't remember things, from the past or the present, its like i only have feelings and i don't know what to do, i try to understand the feelings but i don't even know from where i have them, and my memory is some how crazy whats the best doc or place or even therapy to get better, some times i stay for a few days that i cant even sleep, like that i remember what to do next but i cant keep living in a 3 days off and one day sleep
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

Hey, best thing you can do is go see or phone your doctor or just walk into A&E or even google it. <br />
I just googled your problem and it gave a host of options and information about your illness.<br />
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I dont know if it will help, but its all I can do as Im no doctor, Im here if you want a friend :)