Body Dismorphic Disorder

Im only 18 years old and i dont remember the last time i looked in the mirror and was happy with the reflection looking back. I dont even remember how i got to where i am, because going through high school i was confident, well i at least had some confidence. Now it seems as though i have none. I constantly feel low, i find it hard to talk to anyone about it because everyone says im crazy and reply with things like ' your perfect or you need your eyes testing'. it makes me feel so alone. i would love to speak to someone who is going through the same thing. i try to talk to my boyfriend about it but he doesnt know how to make me feel any better. i end up taking my anger out on him and its not fair. my body image has taken over my life, its constantly in my head, i cant even go out anywhere without looking at myself in the mirror continusely. If anyone has any advice or is going through the same thing, i would love to hear from you :) iv let it take over my life, and iv missed out on so much stuff because of it. i dont want to look back in a few years and be in the same situation as i am now, i want to be able to say i got through it
son19945 son19945
Sep 10, 2012