Bdd- Scared To Tell Ppl

I was just diagnosed with BDD yesterday and had never heard of it before. I thought it was normal to hate things about your body and was a bit sceptical when I was diagnosed. I do hide parts of my body I don't like and can get so anxious at Uni, under bright lights, in places where I can't escape and I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me. I hav days where I feel pretty but it doesn't last long as I always compare myself to others. I still go out but I always check myself in the mirror to add more makeup, I hate how I look without makeup and dread the summer where I have to where singlets and skirts. I told my bf and he said everyone doesn't like certain things about themselves, so I'm ashamed to tell anyone else because they might think its bs or I'm really vain. Does anyone else feel like this? I wish I could turn these neg thoughts off in my brain :-(
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I feel exactly the same as you. A psychologist diagnosed me with BDD this morning and I felt so lost and had no one to talk to that I found this forum.

I get anxious in social situations too, in particular I just think my bum and hips are so huge and obviously odd looking that I have a fear that people will notice this too. I just am so alone, i've become my worst enemy. It is tough because I feel like I cant even talk to my family or boyfriend about this because people assume it is a vanity issue but it clearly isnt if it is making this much of an impact on our quality of life.

I wonder if this is something that is ever possible to get out of... :(

Hi there. Yes! I feel the same too. I've not had diagnosis of BDD because i've not (yet) been put to a professional to give me official diagnosis, but i highly believe i have BDD. I understand how you feel with it all very much so. I am extremely uncomfortable out thinking people are judging and seeing the 'flaws' i see, judging them. I become anxious at my appearance and have no confidence what so ever out in public. Like yourself i also compare areas on my body to other people's. I have pretty moments but again, never lasts long. I completely understand your position. I've also covered my flaws that i see with scarfs, hats etc. I've read about bdd for months on and off and would be extremely surprised if i got told i haven't got it because it matches my issues and also those that have been diagnosed with it.
But anyway, if you need someone to talk to that understands all this then feel free to message me. It's always helpful to talk to others in the same position, i guess i am seeking to speak to others with BDD or traits of the disorder. You're right about what you first said, i think everyone dislikes something on their body, however in my understanding the individual it seeing 'perceived flaws' about themselves and beecome obsessive, extremely stressed with those areas.
But yeah, i'm here:~)