Looking For Young People Willing To Share Their Story

We're working on a docu series on obsessions that our young people are dealing with (15-22) and body dysphoria is one that keeps coming up. There's a lot of people dealing with this but we're looking for someone who willing to share their story on TV - for the docu series. We realize this experience may not be for everyone but wanted to see if there's anyone who wants to share their story and talk to me further about the submission process. Feel free to contact me.

Thanks so much! Lori
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

It just feels like it's so hard to be who I want to be, if I don't workout I'm disgusting looking, I can't have a bump on my stomach I just can't or all kill myself, and then if I'm not tiny n toned I would die I couldn't accept that but I struggle with staying this way because I have no life and I'm so depressed but I love working out and being energit and happy I just can't seem to be, I'm like dieing inside and throwing my whole life away.

Hi my names Emma mckenzie and I have body dismorphic disorder, I'm not sure if I want to be on tv but I just found this site today, and I've really been struggling with myself for a very long time, I haven't attended highschool since grade 10 and I'm suppose to be in grade 11, I don't leave my house I hide in my room,and cry.the only thing I do is get up and workout. Everyday. I use to have a boyfriend but I lost him and I lost all of my friends, i lost who i was, i lost my happiness,i lost everything and now i feel so hopeless. but by just being able not to accept myself, and apart of me thinks I never will beable too. But I hope I can.
When I get up, all look in the mirror and all feel huge somedays,somedays it's so unbearable where I want to kill myself,so then all sleep and then once I get some sort of energy,I use it all to workout, be ause I know If I don't I will hate what I see when I look in the mirror and I will not beable to do anything, and because I workout so much and have for 5 years now almost everyday,I use to be chubby and I got extremely bullied and then got skinny and formed this eating disorder,but since was so bullied i feel like if i eat too much or miss a day of working out or don't do enough sit ups, i will kill myself,its all so hard to explain and theirs so much to the story .oh and I am 16 years old. And when I'm up and like "living"n being normal if that make sense I'm constantly working out, I'm always just working out , I use to be 145 in grade 6 and since grade 7 I've now just been in the 90to96 I was once 110 but that's when I was so happy n never saw this coming, it All formed out of nowhere, and all I want to do is kill myself, like seems impossible, pointless, and hard, I know if I don't workout I will hate what I see and I can't jut let my abs go and I have the body type that gains weight fast like its Just so hard, but my mom first noticed when wed go out and I'd see a menu and get so upset and that was in the beginning of grade 10 and I have been struggling ever since.i don't know what to do, I barely have an education I'm barely living,ni barely get out if bed, and when I stay in it more n more n get sick more n more, I know that I will be incapable cause all look in the mirror and see a huge disgusting person with a very ugly body.