I Overcame BDD!

I really feel for anyone who has BDD, it is just the most terrifying and debilitating disorder anyone can suffer with in life.

For over half of my life I suffered with BDD, it is a hugely debilitating disorder that makes living life so difficult and terrifying. It ruined my career opportunities, dating was impossible and I just stopped living life because of it.
My problems developed after being called ugly and ridicule, put downs, etc. for my looks in my teenage years and early 20s. I became so self conscious and distressed by my looks and hated being seen because I just was so hurt and distressed by being ugly and being seen and judged as ugly.

I tried everything to overcome BDD, I saw therapists, I did CBT, hypnotherapy and read all the books but nothing helped. In the end I decided to try and overcome BDD myself by trying to understand my problems and the solution myself. It took ten years but I finally did it. My life is free again like when I was a child, I can be myself after all these years and live my life being myself rather than always being self conscious and pre-occupied by my looks and what people will think of my looks.

I wrote a book on how to overcome BDD - it is called: body dysmorphic disorder - a guide to understanding and overcoming being excessively self conscious of one's looks by a former sufferer. I would love for anyone who has BDD to read it and review it, I believe the reason why so few people seem to overcome BDD is because it is wrongly defined and the so called expert's ways to overcome it are wrong.

You can all overcome BDD, I am living proof of that it can be done if you target it the right way, so never lose hope!
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Where can I find the book?

desperately looking for Rob Smith's Book. Or even Rob himself. Can anyone help? Need to find people who have beat this. Thanks

Where do I get your book?

looking for it too, any joy?

Hello, what's it like overcoming bdd? how do you see yourself compared to before and can you do it without antidepressants? :)

What a wonderful story! It really gives me hope and I'm really happy for you that you were able to overcome it. You truly are an inspiration for BDD sufferers everywhere. I will definitely get round to checking out your book :)

Thanks for your kind message. Yes, I think it is important to know there are people out there who have beaten BDD - who suffered so badly because it is easy to feel there is no hope when it seems impossible and the recommended solutions don\'t seem to work. I would be so interested to know what you think of my book - if it doesn\'t help you please request a refund, I didn\'t write my book for money, but simply to help others and because I felt angry at the current books out there written by so called experts who clearly do not know the answer but still charge up to £16 to read their suggestions. I absolutely believe my book can make people overcome BDD and I promise to refund anyone who it doesn\'t help.
BDD can be overcome, the only reason why so few have done is because IMO the current literature and recommend suggestions such as CBT are misguided and wrong.
Good luck, feel free to ask me for any help or advice any time.

Hi im really interested in buying your book I have bbd and strugglying with life would love help and some advice