Please Help Me

In Jan. 07 I went to a dermatologist.  I have an obsession with my appearance.  I let the dermatologist do a procedure that left a small round white spot/ scar on my cheek. It stands out from tmy surrounding skin tone.  I was very stupid to have this procedure done, as what was bothering me was non existant -I realize that now.   I have panic and cry everday I look at myself.  I try to not let it bother me but it is impossible.  I am driving everyone around me away with my constant need for reassurance that it doesnt look bad.  It only helps till I look again, and then the panic starts.  I cant imagine dealing with this for the rest of my life.  I cant imagine being able to cope with it.  To me, as long as I see this imperfection, I feel like I ruined my skin, look like a freak, and obsess so much, I am worn out.  I think the only way to get better is to have my skin back the way it was

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Hello writer~<br />
Boy have I got a story for you. In January I went to the dermatologist to have mole removed on my face. It was not that big or even raised but I wanted it gone. So I convinced them to remove and they told me that there would be a small line scar that only I would notice.....WRONG..... I still look at it and think that it is so noticeable and ask people about it and some say it is fine and others say not bad, but when I look at it I go insane. But recently I have come to be okay with it. I am not sure if yours is a scar or just a spot, but the truth is that on your face your not and mine is pretty big. People love you for who you are and that is why they keep straying farther away when you ask them about it. They are not looking at your face but your personality combined with it. You sound like a fun and good person so do not let this change how you think about yourself. If it is a scare I would recommend putting vitamin E oil on it, maybe try maderma(you can get it at wal mart in the pharmacy). Good luck and stay positive.