I Am New To This !

I can believe i have this i hate it and it makes my life hell everyday my partner does not understand and says i am being daft.

I have huge issues with my body shape size, i panic and hate what i see in the mirror wrinkles near my eyes and skin blemishes and my skin colour uneven.

I have always had these issues but since doing research i believe i have bdd at the worst.

Does anyone take medication and does it work.

I am going to my docs next week and hoping he will give me medication that will help.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I have the same problem-every time I'm alone and look in the mirror I burst into tears-my nose is too long and droops down at the tip too much, my face is uneven, I'm young but my eyes seem to sag, my jawline curves up sharply, and my chin is pointy. My hips are also too wide for my short stature and my waist too abrupt. I have a very loving boyfriend but I can never quite look him in the eyes without thinking he's going to suddenly realize how much better he can do. I'm currently in the medical field and I would strongly suggest NOT to take antideps unless you feel like you absolutely have to, (IE, you're nearly suicidal.) And at the point, because antidepressants can ironically worsen symptoms of depression, especially the following month after you begin taking them, I wouldn't recommend much immediate alone time. I honestly cannot think of any medication besides antideps that will aid this. Again, though, be wary of antidepressants, a good friend of mine killed himself within the month he began taking them. Sorry if I wasn't much help. And I know this is annoying to hear over the internet but I'm sure you have unique qualities about your appearence that make you beautiful. =)