I am less than a size 0 right now and cannot find clothes to fit. I went to go buy new jeans and the size 0's were too big and when i was looking in the mirror the girl in the next fitting room asked for a size 8 bcause her 6's were too small and i thought...why do i look so much fatter than her... what is that???

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How funny, I just got done writing how I don't have any pants that fit me, and that it's going to be a summer full of sundresses! I feel your pain.....I don't think i look very small even though logically I know I must!

Wow, i would love to be your size! I am overweight. But I understand you in a different perspective. As destiney24 said, it is true. I see myself differently and I have always been insecure about my weight ever since I was young. i have come to the state where I just dont care what people have to say anymore. It's not like is them. <br />
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Anyways, do not get overwhelmed like that. By what you said, you are really thin and i'm guessing maybe underweight? Please do not try to get on a diet, because this are the things that may lead to anorexia, etc. Realize what you have and be happy with it. <br />
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This is why I refuse to watch any TV. They put a lot of things in your head and that bothers me. Of course, the internet does too. But I have to speak up on how I feel about things as well. Anyways, have a strong talk with yourself and notice the beauty in you. Don't let the world affect the way you see yourself ;)